Oftentimes, the benefits of buying a used car outweighs the benefits of buying new depending on your situation. Factors like lower cost, lower depreciation, and freedom of choice make buying used a great decision. Our used car dealer serving Outer Banks outlines all the pros here.

Less Financial Stress For Outer Banks Area Drivers Buying Used

The main reason for buying used? Lower prices! You can still afford newer cars from one or two years ago at a fraction of the original price and virtually no wear and tear. You can be sure you’re getting a quality vehicle off our lot, because if you see it, we inspected it. Every single used car we offer has undergone a comprehensive vehicle inspection so you don’t have to worry.

More Resale Value

When you buy new, it depreciates quickly the second you drive it off the lot--as much as 11 percent! In most cases, used vehicles have already went through the steepest part of the depreciation curve, so when you decide to resell or trade it in, you’re still getting value for what you paid for.

No Haggling

One of the main concerns about going shopping for a new car is having to deal with the salesman when it comes to time to haggle for a price. Not all of us are expert negotiators, so you might be driving off the lot having paid more than you had to. We are strict enforcers of the No Shark Zone, which means Outer Banks area customers won’t feel any pressure from our sales team and the price you see is the price you pay. We start our cars at a fair price so you don’t have to earn a fair price.

Wide Selection

At Midgette Auto, we carry over 20 different makes of cars. That means being able to comparatively shop a Toyota and a Honda side by side without having to pick up and move to a different car dealership. Used car shopping offers the freedom that new car shopping usually cannot.

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